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Diva & Sommelier

About us

Diva Fruit and Vegetables was born in 1982.
My parents, Mario and Diva, first opened the doors of the shop offering high quality fruit and vegetables.
Over time, they have been offering cooked and raw dishes, which we produce, and various types of foodstuff.
In 2002 I, Nicola Compagnucci, took over from my parents, since I am fond of wine-and-food. In 2011 I started the sommelier school and in 2014 I successfully obtained the qualification. Later, I separated the shop into two parts.

One part is for vegan and vegetarian dishes; the other part is a little wine shop with both famous wineries and little local producers: this is where I express my passion and enthusiasm. Subsequent to further studies and after perfecting my tasting technique, in 2018 I successfully passed another exam with AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), which allowed me to become an AIS OFFICIAL TASTER.

During winter, one Sunday per month, I offer AIS wine-tastings in my shop, with a maximum of 15 people: this way, we can spend a nice evening speaking of wine, but mostly drinking wine, because the best wine is the one you like.